Green Film Making Manifest

We believe that as filmmakers we can and must play an important role in addressing the climate crisis and environmental degradation. We recognise that film production has a significant impact on the environment and that it is our responsibility to minimise this impact. Therefore, we are committed to sustainable film production and will adhere to the following 10 principles and measures:

  1. use environmentally friendly materials: We will use recycled materials and ensure that our consumables are made from reusable or biodegradable materials.
  2. Reduce waste: We will separate waste, recycle waste or dispose of it properly. We will eliminate disposable items and instead use reusable and natural options.
  3. Sustainable procurement of equipment and props: We pay attention to sustainability when procuring cameras, lighting and sound equipment and props. We choose equipment with high energy efficiency to reduce energy consumption. We only procure equipment that is urgently needed and use equipment as long as possible to save resources in primary production.
  4. energy efficiency: We will ensure that our lighting and equipment are energy efficient to minimise energy consumption during production, this includes for example avoiding standby modes on equipment. We will use renewable energy sources whenever possible.
  5. Transport: We use environmentally friendly means of travel to the location, such as public transport. If in exceptional cases a flight is actually necessary, we will make appropriate compensation payments.
  6. catering: During filming we will provide regional, seasonal and vegetarian, if possible vegan, organic food to reduce the carbon footprint.
  7. communication: We use digital communication tools throughout the production process. Digital communication tools reduce paper consumption, energy consumption and carbon footprint compared to traditional forms of communication. However, we are aware that digital communication also consumes resources and will also use them as wisely and energy-efficiently as possible.
  8. Digital distribution: We are pushing the distribution of our films digitally instead of DVD production. We rely on online marketing to reduce the pressure on the environment from physical marketing materials such as flyers, posters or DVD cases.
  9. create awareness: We will promote awareness of sustainable choices among our team and our viewers by informing them about the environmental impact of all our choices.

We know that implementing these measures will have a positive impact on the environment and we are committed to fulfilling our responsibility as filmmakers.

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